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Nan Gunnett & Co in Hummelstown, PA represents more than 300 professional artists from all over the United States and Canada. Please take a look at the bios of some of our prominate artists and learn some interesting facts about how they were inspired to become such skilled crafts people!

Bill Campbell

In the late 60’s, Bill took a pottery class for bored housewives and was hooked. He discovered pottery was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. He credits being older and already having a working career designing and building kitchens, as providing him the skills to run a pottery business. Bill went back to school and obtained a BFA in ceramics. By then he was 40 and felt he didn’t have many years left to squander if his dream was going to come true! His dream came true!

The layered glaze that Bill is known for is full of life. His forms remain elegant and crisp while continuing to be functional and affordable. It has brilliant coloration. Today Bill Campbell sells to select stores and galleries throughout the United States.

“My motive for making pottery isn’t terribly noble, I just wanted to make pots that bring a little celebration into everyday living. You can’t imagine how good I feel when people tell me how much they enjoy using one of my pots.”

Celebrate each day with Bill Campbell Pottery.

Richelle Leigh

Richelle Leigh is a local artist from Harrisburg, PA. She specializes in one of a kind pieces using beautiful and unusual gemstones such as Larimar. Her original designs are American made, handcrafted in 14kt. gold & Sterling Silver.

“My designs are inspired by the natural beauty I see in gemstones. I like to look at the mineral and echo what I see there in my piece using the inclusions that enhance the stone and give it valuable character. The patterns and vibrant colors guide me in creating a design as unique as the gemstone I am using. The most rewarding part of designing and creating a piece of jewelry from start to finish is knowing that each piece captures glimpses of my imagination that are forever preserved. I love the possibility my jewelry could be passed down through generations and outlive me! I love my life and I love that I am able to create daily.”

Zell Lee

Asana Natural Arts

As a young girl Zell discovered that her passion was creating things with her hands. She was an expert seamstress at age 10 and mastered the piano. Eventually her talents and love of nature evolved into making beautiful jewelry using butterfly wings and other things found in nature. Zell Lee began Asana Natural Arts in 2010 to make nature more a part of everyone’s daily lives. Zell travels the world to find new specimens. The word “Asana” stand for a still meditation yoga position that resembles the still life artwork her company creates.

“Our butterflies and other specimens live a full life and are collected after their natural passing in butterfly farms worldwide. All our species are approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Organization. Your purchase supports butterfly preservation and actually saves butterflies and their existence in the rainforest.”

Carol Barclay

Carol has been a studio potter since 1981. “I love the texture and the coolness of clay, the opportunity to work with my body as well as my mind, and am energized by the many possibilities in a lump of mud.”

Over the years, Carol has earned numerous awards for her porcelain forms. Her work is shown at galleries and museums throughout the United States and is included in many public and private collections. Carol created a large porcelain wall sculpture for the Corning Glass Works Executive Club and other pieces, such as her folded vase series, have been exhibited at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery.

Deborah Bushinski

Tessora Jewelry

Tessoro is derived from the Italian and Spanish word “tesoro” and means treasure. Deborah spent many years as a fine art studio painter and art wear clothing designer in the northern Minnesota woodlands. It was from these early years, spending time in the wild, studying natural form, that her design sensibility was honed. Tessoro was officially conceived in 1998.

“Our commitment to “green” practices begins with the salvaged birchbark used to create Tessoro jewelry. Working with a small family owned wood products company; we are able to access standing dead birch trees that are marked for cutting. We harvest the bark and carefully select interesting surface features, such as lichens that provide the color and texture to many of our designs.

Tessoro truly aims to create the ultimate in art jewelry for every day, every woman.

Jonathan Simons

Jonathan’s Spoons

“It all started out the day I forgot to put a spoon in my lunch bag when I was working as an apprentice to a furniture maker. I took a piece of scrap wood and quickly shaped a spoon. I had majored in art and design at the University of Illinois and wanted to create something both beautiful and functional, which led me to explore working with wood.”

Jonathan started his own business in his home state of Pennsylvania in 1979. His spoons have developed over the years, eventually choosing to make them from cherry wood. “This is a hardwood with handsome color and grain, durable, smooth and strong. My utensils have a unique sense of balance and warmth because they are designed with the hand and purpose in mind. “Spoons” have become spatulas, spaghetti forks, spreaders and more.”

Most of Jonathan’s time is spent creating new products, traveling to craft shows with his wife Julia and fathering four beautiful daughters and one son.

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